ARCADIA - User Guide

Definition of Arcadia app usage is described below :


1. We may collect information about your device, connection, and App usage for the purposes of operating our Apps or App-related features.
This may include personal information entered by you into the App, such as an online ID or email address.
In most cases, App-related information is collected passively by the App.
While this information may include or be associated with a personal identifier, such as a device ID, it is generally used in aggregate form.
Some Apps or App-related features may, however, use this information in a personally identifiable way.
For example, your online ID may be used in conjunction with game event data, such as your high-score, to populate a community high-score board feature.
Additionally, some Apps may include features, such as chat, that allow you to make your personal information publicly available.

2. The App will never send your personal information to external server for commercial use.

3. This app uses Bungie's API which is not related in no case with Kris Eldwyn Dev.