ARCADIA - User Guide

Arcadia for Destiny

Arcadia for Destiny is an Android app that's been built to help you get the most out of your Destiny experience.
Arcadia contains many tools for Founders to manage their Clan.

The App is completely free of charge! Try it out!


Your own personalised menu!
Your Bungie avatar is here as well as your GamerTag/PSN ID
If you are part of a clan, the logo your clan founder has set will be here too.
If you decide to contribute, one sexy sponsor tag will be shown as well
- Access to customised links to your own stats.
- Where is Xûr and what does he sell each Friday.
- Your own Milestones status with all weekly events of the Game and modifiers.

- Clan Roster : to check all your Clan members with rank and last play date.
- Clan Moves : Who has joined, Who has left, and when?
- Clan Chat : Link to Band application
- Clan Rules : Your own Clan Rules
This page with show all the useful links to sites and tools that can assist your journey in Destiny.
Most of them are customised to your GamerTag/PSN ID and will save you some time.


Where is Xûr and what does he sell?
This page will give you the answer. Once Xûr is in game, the link will appear in your App menu and show you all the necessary informations.


At game refresh each Tuesday, the page will be updated with all the weekly events the game can offer for each of your guardians.


Check all the loot you have in your vault and kiosks. Mark them at favorite, make easy search stock...

Loot Detail

...And check every single Loot detail in a click...

PVP Maps

Available Calls out maps are here for you.
They were collected from the very best call out maps on the web and gathered here for you.

All maps are credited to their creator and we send them a huge thanks for their awesome hard work!

Clan roster

This is your Clan Roster, all your friends are here!!

- CLICK on one Guardian tile to get access to his single page, and from there check his stats :p (I know... don't stalk to much it's... bad...)
- LONG PRESS on one of the clan Tabs to open then clan page from Bungie in your phone/tablet browser.
- SORT the list by clicking the 3 dots on top right and get access to sorting options.

Sorting Options

This is the available sorting option you'll get in the roster page.
- Sort by Name from A to Z or Z to A.
- A really useful option to sort by last play date from the oldest to the newest or the other way around.

Single Guardian View

This is the page you get by clicking on one Guardian tile in the roster!
Get his stats en factions results directly from this page
CLICK on the top tile and you'll be directed to the Guardian page on Bungie!

Guardian' Stats

This is the page of all your stats and see how good your KD is ;)

Guardian' Factions

...And the all factions level page

Moves List

Who has joined, who has left?
Those who have left will have a red square in front of their GamerTag/PSN ID
Those who joined will have a blue square
The name in the move list will be shown for one week and then disappear (or sooner if he leaves before...)

HINT : Click on the tile to get access to:
- Bungie profile for those who have left
- in app Guardian page for the stats and by extension to their bungie profile (see this guide Single Guardian View tile for detail)

Inactives List

Who is Inactive and since when?
You can set the cut off delay in the Management part of the App
HINT : Click on the tile to get access to:
- Full details of the Guardian


This is your Clan rules...
Be sure to respect them, or you may get trouble...
Don't worry, not from me :p but surely from your Clan Founder/Admins

Clan Management

If you are a founder or an admin of the Clan, this is where you can set your rules, add more clans to your list, and manage the roster preferences.